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 Customer Feedback

Joan Layman

"I couldn't be happier with the results. He looks fabulous. Everyone compliments on how handsome he is. I know he feels great. He moves so beautifully. He's very happy and healthy inside and out."

Yvonne C. Ocrant, Chicago, IL

Here is a picture of Sam from Sunday. I truly thank you and KAM Animal Services' products for Sam's health and success as we embark on our Preliminary Level season. We finished in 2nd place (1st place for Amateur points).
Thanks! Yvonne

Dawn Diovera, Grass Valley, CA

... thinking about worming made me think about Gabrielle Sutton.  This woman is a force in the Equine Nutrition world!  She received her initial education in Human Health as a nurse practitioner with advanced training in Naturopathic Medicine, Botanical Medicine, Nutrition as well as Homeopathy.  Then, people started asking her to help them with their horses.  Well, a new career opened up and she became just as proficient in Equine Nutrition, Equine Naturopathy and Homotoxocology.  She’s got chops. Read more ...

Pixie Keating, Aiken South Carolina

My FEI APHA combined driving pony met Gabriele and started on KAM products in January 2010.  Everything about Harley's health has improved. She's stronger and fitter. Her black coat glows. No one believes she is 16 yrs old.  The last extension down the centerline in dressage is a strong as the first and she finishes marathons with a bounce in her step.  She loves all the "Cookies with a Clue", which seem to give her a boost on the last day of the competition when she needs to be fast, obedient and supple. AND Gabriele is always available to offer support and advice.

Shelby French, Sweet Briar College, Virginia

We have been fortunate over the past several years to work with Gabriele Sutton of KAM Animal Services to develop a nutritional program for our large and varied herd of horses. The benefits of the KAM supplements in conjunction with a feeding program that emphasizes natural whole foods are obvious in the improvement of the overall condition and well-being of our horses. KAM Animal Services has worked diligently with us to help us provide our horses with a feeding program that makes sense for each individual horse but can be implemented while feeding a herd of 80 horses.

Evi Strasser,  Canadian Olympic Rider, Quebec, Canada

You know that I'm a total fan of all the products of KAM Animal services. Quantum Tyme and Action Tyme, as you know, will not travel anywhere in the world with out KLPP, Free powder, UF formula, enzymes plus. All the people can't get over it, how well they are arriving from all the long trips we are doing... and thanks to all the products ,,, I'm having very healthy horses here.
For the cookies my boys are already ordering big boxes of them , by special delivery... they think it's one of the best things ever... so thank you again for having all these good things for my Champions...

Dorreene Gilmore, Golden Hills Farm, Paso Robles, CA.

My husband and I breed and compete dressage horses in California. We have been using KAM Animal Service Finally and supplements for my horses for the last 3 years. They have never looked or performed better. Those with bloating or weight issues are now sleek and healthy. Horses with low weight issues now look terrific. The only problems we have encountered were physical injuries or stomach problems related to sand that is prevalent in our area.

Shirley Mitchell, Barrington Hill, IL

All three of my horses are different breeds, have different jobs, and their ages are 13 to 32. My horses look great and feel great since I started on KAM supplements. Nothing else has worked so well and I have tried a lot of other products! I also use KAM's Cookies With a Clue as a treat and sometimes as a convenient nutrient source. My horses love the Cookies, they are healthy, and they provide the specific nutrients each horse needs. KAM is a company with organic products that work and great ideas to help take the mystery out of feeding our horses!
KAM saved my older horse. At age 28, he had great spirit, but due to age and Cushings Disease, he was getting very thin and not likely to get through the Illinois winter. Then KAM Animal Services arrived. We changed his feed and hay, and put him on an appropriate balance of KAM supplements. That was 4 years ago! My horse has bloomed and has a wonderful quality of life running around in with his buddy in the pasture.

Stacey Owens, Beverly Hills, California

I wanted to thank you so much for all you have done for my horses. I was at the end of my rope eight months ago on my 10-year-old Thoroughbred, Galaxy. He was tying up, and was dealing with severe ulcers. For the past three years, my vet, trainer, and others tried so hard to figure out what was wrong and treat him. Eight months ago, we found you, and KAM Animal Services. THANK GOD! Based on your expertise I was able to tell you the symptoms, and we were able to diagnose him with EPSM.
From there you explained to me what EPSM was, assigned a treatment plan, and sent me the supplements and recipe for his new diet. Within 48 hours we saw results from your products. Now, eight months later, I have a horse whom I can ride without the death sentence attached. He is happy, healthy, and excelling in every way. For the first time in three years, Galaxy is making progress. To say that Galaxy could be the KAM poster child is an understatement.  Read More ...

Jenni and Steve McAllister, trainers, Los Angeles, California

 We at Martin McAllister training have had great results with KAM Animal Services. In just a few months we have seen dramatic changes, for the good, in our horses. Soundness issues, weight issues, and some performance issues have been resolved. I have seen results in as little as 5 days, and in every horse positive change. The KAM staff has been easy to work with, very educational, and has been respectful of our relationship with other feed and supplement companies.
The new cookies are great. The horses love these cookies like no other, and it is a great way to keep them supplemented while on the go.
Also keeps the owners happy, as they love to feed treats!

Kathleen and Ron Parker, Ron Parker Construction

KAM accurately evaluates horses health at a glance, gives you a specific protocol to return your horse to optimal health and is very available to address issues as they arise. If you have an animal with health issues I'd try this first. for the price of a few vet visits your problem is solved by nutrition rather than drugs (treat the cause rather than the symptoms).

Monica L. Smith, CCRC, Clinical Trials Unit, Seattle, WA

Being owners to Bernese Mountain Dogs, you are very aware of their health problems. We have been monthly (and sometimes weekly) visitors to our vet’s office, mostly for GI issues. After putting both of the dogs on KAM supplements, we have reduced our vet visits to about once every 2-3 months. We frequently hear from people how our 8 year old male is so “young looking”. I firmly believe that with Gabriele’s guidance, we have given our dogs many more healthy years to live. I have recommended KAM to many people. I can’t rave enough about their products!
Our female Bernese is a therapy dog who visits patients and their families in hospitals and nursing homes. She gets “very anxious” about doing a good job while she is on a visit. We recently purchased the stress busters cookies, and have been very impressed with the decrease in her anxiety. I now use the cookies as her treat while we are visiting.

Lu Ann Groves, DVM, San Marcos

I have been working with Kam Animal Services for several years and am very impressed with the products and the professionalism that Gabriel brings to my clinic. She has given some very good lectures at the clinic, and her products work very well. I am extremely pleased with the results from KLPP and FRE. I use the UF and enzymes to treat ulcers as well. My clients are also very excited about the cookies made especially for 'chubbies".

Linda Thomas, Crystal Lake, Il

KAM Animal Services has provided sound nutrition advice, immediate response to concerns, and a great supplementation program.
I can not say enough good things about KLPP. It has brought our horses through colic without a vet call. All barns should have this product on hand. Our horses love the new Chubbies. They see me bring the bucket out and they "attack" me. They follow me around pushing each other out of the way to get their healthy treat!

Marain Nilsen, Healthy Horse Boutique, Colorado/California

I have had Gabriele help me with all kinds of horses over the past decade. Anything from geriatric, breeding, stallions, EPSM, high performance and everything in between. She is always there for me and my horses. My staff loves the programs because they are simple to follow.
What I like the most about KAM Animal Services is how they have helped me have confidence about what I feed my horses and how to best support. Because we have such a close relationship with Gabriele my horses are always supported no matter the situation.

Justine Cave, Bolder City, Nevada

KAM animal services is simply the best service you can provide for your horse. I was amazed at the transformation after 2 weeks on the nutrition program. Gabriele has always been there for me and mostly my horse, to guide me through challenges after lameness and even changes in the feed at our barn. She is an educator that knows that if just one more person understands the basics to horse nutrition and the benefits, then many horses benefit from that knowledge. I know I can always trust the products and the science behind them, because I’ve seen the proof. Not only in my horse but several! There’s nothing better than having your own personal Equine Nutritionist on call…KAM has always been there when I needed them!
I’m riding TC now…he feels great…just need to get him in condition again, but hey, he’s so happy and I feel it in his total being! The nutrition is staying as well now that he’s not in pain anymore. Also, I think that AES is like magic stuff! Lol! He’s not tucked up anymore and his muscle tone has really changed and that’s with just trail walking…..amazing what a new set of feet can do for a horse, but more than that…I believe the nutrition help speed that up and he healed quite fast. My trainer was amazed. Those old tendon injuries I can hardly see anymore…the vet said it was scar tissue…ha…I can prove him wrong now.

Patti Becker, Grand Prix Dressage Rider/Trainer, Fireside Farm, Salem IL

I have been using KAM products for five years. During that time, every horse that I have put on the products has blossomed! They look better; they feel better; and they perform better. Gabriele and her team are extremely easy to work with. She is always willing and available to answer any questions I may have or offer suggestions to boost my horses performance. If you haven't tried these products, you don't know what you're missing! The bigger problem is, neither does your horse!

Holiday Reinhorn. California

I began working with Gabriele four years ago after purchasing three horses with extremely difficult metabolic issues. Thanks to KAM's wholistc and visionary approach to equine nutrition they have bloomed into easy keepers and are the picture of health. I know they would not be in full work today were it not for this feeding plan. KAM rocks!---

Laura Maloney

Finding and using KAM Animal Services has been instrumental in regaining my horses health. Gabriele worked diligently and with great care to make sure my then sick horse had the nutritional support he needed to recover. KAM's product line has made a huge difference in the health of all of our show horses and far  surpasses anything I had used in the past.

Judi Root, Ormond Beach, FL

My horse, "Blind Date", had some very severe medical issues in 2007. He had undergone a simple outpatient surgery, and after returning to the farm, he coliced. Within the course of a week, he coliced 3 times, had 2 colic surgeries, an incisional infection, 106 degree fever, lymphangitis then laminitis. In desperation, my daughter located Gabriele on an equine related web site and almost immediately, Gabriele contacted me. We spoke of his condition and she reinforced how fragile his life had become. I agreed to start on KAM Animal products ASAP! Within a week, his health took a turn for the better! She worked closely with me concerning nutrition and he is a true miracle. We were champion in hunter jumper class in Tampa, 2009 and Aiken 2010. I truly believe Gabriele's products saved his life. Gabriele is always accessible, even if I have to call her back 5 times. THANK YOU GABRIELE!!!

Nancy Schmid, Barrington Hills IL

KAM Animal Services is not only a superior supplement manufacturer, but truly is a service company as their name indicates. Their rep is always available for input regarding your horses' use of their products and and related information. My horses have all improved in general fitness and specifically with KAM. One horse, away for the winter, came home too thin and displayed possible EPM symptoms, again. He had been previously treated with a regularly recommended protocol that warns that "death" is a possible side-effect of the product. This horse went back on KAM products and a another product recommended by the KAM rep. He is now a happy horse, in perfect flesh, and was recently declared clear of EPM symptoms and ready to go back to work. Although this product wasn't in the KAM line, the rep, who is so aware of the market shared the product with me. Another plus about the products is that the horses don't get "hot" as they are nourished.

Seeing what the KAM products was doing for my horses, I asked about using it for my dogs. So we started a program of supplements for the dogs, too. The program was customized for each of them, individually, as I have 4 dogs, ranging from a busy, young 3 1/2 pounder to a (formerly) too sedate 200 pounder. In between is a very lazy 10 yr old and a (formerly) slowing down 12 yr old Jack Russell. They all have renewed energy, even the lazy one that never displayed any energy.