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Feeding Your Horse

Good natural nutritional management is the key to ongoing health in your equine friend.

By formulating a specific well balanced diet for horse feeding, using high quality natural products, such as Oats, Barley, Flax and Beet Pulp, you will have greater input into the nutritional status and thus health of your horse.

Formulating a specific diet and ration for your horse also allows you to alter the diet more effectively at times of pasture change or deviations in activity, biological status, travel, stress or health.

Horse Care and Feeding

Many complete feeds on the market today have been treated with high temperatures, and/or pounded into powder during processing. These practices destroy vital nutrients and as such the feeds need to be fortified with vitamins and minerals, often the additives are from unnatural sources.

You may wonder what substances are used in these feeds and how well they are digested by your horse. Many ingredient labels state well over 100% of the daily requirement of some nutrients. I have to ask why is this needed, excess absorption of some nutrients will upset the balance of others and as such lead to ill health.

Most complete feeds contain chemicals, stabilizers and preservatives Thus I wonder how healthy and digestible the additives are. I also ask why when I see feeds thickly coated with molasses, are there substances in the feed that a horse will not eat unless well disguised? What are these substances? Are they natural equine nutrients and should these feed contents be consumed by our horses? These are all questions you should ask when deciding on equine feeding and nutrition.